Carnegie Hotel

20 stories / 35,000 sf
2016 Completion

Jay Domb

Rawlings architects pc

  • Ed Rawlings, RA
  • Steven Kilian, RA
  • Charles Sonder
  • Nancy Choi

Structural Engineer

ATOZ Consulting Engineers
MEPF Engineer

Construction Manager

Alexander Severin

The Carnegie Hotel is located on a shallow, narrow lot in midtown Manhattan which presented a challenge for a hotel group: using daylight compensation zoning would result in floor plates too small for a hotel. Rawlings architects proposed the use of the optional daylight evaluation method –typically used on much larger sites –and the project became viable.

 The zoning restrictions resulted in a curvilinear form that became a signature design element of the project and provide a variety of room sizes distributed vertically throughout the building. The core circulation and service spaces were kept as compact as possible to maximize room space.  

Bathrooms and a TV/desk/minibar millwork unit were designed to take advantage of every cubic inch of available space. Sloped glazing on the front façade provides dramatic views of Carnegie Hall to the north and the East River. Common spaces include a ground-floor dining area. Back-of-house spaces include hotel office space, on-site laundry, and food service spaces.