209 Hester

7 stories / 41,000 sf
2008 Completion

AS Realty Partners LLC / Max Protetch

Rawlings architects pc

  • Ed Rawlings, RA
  • Steven Kilian, RA
  • Donald Flagg, AIA, LEED AP
  • Matthew McClain, RA

Ohlhausen DuBois Architects
Collaborative Architect

Structural Engineer

Forum Engineering
MEPF Engineer

Envelope Consultant

Nucor Construction Group
Construction Manager

This conversion of an existing warehouse structure in Little Italy includes fourteen loft-style apartments. The existing interior structure is replaced with heavy timber beams and floors which remain exposed within the finished units, imparting a rich, warm, domestic modernism to the loft spaces. Existing heavy timber girders and cast iron columns are retained, and areas of the brick bearing walls are exposed as well. The exterior brick façade is carefully restored to maintain the layered patina acquired over the years.

A new seventh floor addition occurs at the roof level of the existing structure. The addition’s design is light and delicate to contrast the warehouse structure beneath. Expansive floor-to-ceiling operable glass panels allow private roof terraces to flow into the interiors of the two duplex penthouse apartments. Three first-floor units are joined to cellar living spaces by open stairs lit with large expanses of glass at the entry level. These units are also connected to second floor sleeping quarters, making available triplex townhouse-style living in the heart of Little Italy. All units throughout the project are provided with high-end kitchens and bathrooms. The entry lobby is designed to showcase original art commissioned specifically for the project.